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About Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, known for its towering architectural wonders and beautiful resorts and spas. The best tour operator for Dubai packages guarantees a plethora of tourist hotspots in Dubai that will make your vacation more memorable than ever before. The opulent country is home to many awe-inspiring wonders, including the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa. The city never stops evolving and offers magnificent architecture to tourists, as well as ultramodern towers and beautiful tourist attractions. The destinations not only feature modern architecture but also provide insight into Dubai's culture and heritage. Dubai has many attractions, including the world's largest gardens, markets, cultural shows, an aquatic world, and much more.

Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai packages - At Xplore Raahein you can browse a wide range of Dubai trip packages with exciting offers. Customized Dubai tour packages with exciting deals and offers are available.

Xplore Raahein has an enthralling range of Dubai tour packages to bring you the best of your Dubai trip. We cater to add an extra flavor to your Dubai travel packages with our impeccable services and exciting discounts and offers, whether you choose Dubai family trip packages, Dubai tour packages for couples, or Dubai group packages. Our Dubai Tour Packages from India yearn for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes more than just a trip there and back, but also exciting and thrilling activities to do in Dubai. Experience our luxury Dubai tour packages to stay in luxurious hotels, or our budget-friendly Cheap Dubai tour packages to save money for extra fun.

Enrich your holidays in Dubai with your beloved by taking advantage of Xploreraahein's theme-based Dubai Honeymoon Tour packages, which you can customise to your liking. Xplore raahein assists you to dice the thrill with a Dubai holiday trip that includes Desert Safari and dune bashing. To relax and unwind, choose the Tour of Dubai with Palm Atlantis Stay or the Romantic escape to Dubai with Dinner Cruise or Desert Camping with your partner, living the moments of your life.

Activities To Do In Dubai

Skydiving: Take a giant leap through the sky during a skydiving experience in Dubai to make the most of your Dubai vacation. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you dive through the sky while admiring the breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline. If you are not interested in skydiving but want to watch your friends and family members do so, you can spend some time at the Skydive Cafe.

Boating: Your Dubai Tour Package should undoubtedly include a boating tour so that you can admire the beautiful city from the water. You can book a boating tour or private water ferries to be captivated by the beauty of the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and other landmarks from the water. You can also take a high-speed speedboat and leave the gleaming marina for a period of time.

Marina Dinner Cruise: Enjoy an award-winning dinner cruise with family, friends, or a special someone. The dinner cruise takes you through the nighttime skyline of Dubai, as the monuments sparkle brightly. Enjoy the stunning views of the Marina Promenade while dining buffet-style on a diverse selection of continental and exotic dishes, as well as an excellent selection of juices.

Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari: Explore the desert by 4WD vehicle on a dune drive across the red sands outside of Dubai. You'll get to enjoy dune bashing, sandboarding, and a camel ride. Upgrade your 4-hour morning or afternoon adventure to a 7-hour adventure and stay for a scenic sunset dinner at a Bedouin-style desert camp.

With belly dancing, henna, and other entertainment, you're treated like a VIP. For 30-40 minutes, experience an adrenaline rush while dune bashing in the Lahbab desert. Camel rides, sandboarding, and photo opportunities from the highest desert dunes are available. Enjoy live entertainment featuring Tanura and Belly Dance. Enjoy a tasty BBQ and local cuisine buffet (veg & non-veg) Choose between a 4-hour and a 7-hour all-inclusive tour.

Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, you should hire a fishing boat and go on a fishing trip in Dubai. You can choose between deep sea fishing in Dubai, trolling fishing, and speed boat fishing, or you can explore other options. You will not only be able to enjoy fishing while on the fishing trip, but you will also be able to explore the vast sea.

Helicopter Ride: Take a helicopter ride to see the Dubai skyline from above. Marvel is looking at various iconic destinations in Dubai's scenic and modern city, including The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, and others. You can take the ride from Helidubai or the Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai and have an exciting journey.

Scuba diving: Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities available in Dubai. The coast of Dubai is truly a water sport lover's paradise, with sessions with barracudas, angelfish, killifish, and many other species. Scuba diving is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend time away from the city.

Top Five Places To Visit While Exploring Dubai

Burj Khalifa: One of the highlights of any Dubai Tour is the 830-meter-tall Burj Khalifa, which has been dubbed the world's tallest building. Take the world's fastest elevator to the 124th or 125th floor of this building for a bird's eye view of Dubai. Reach the 148th floor to see the city from the world's highest observation deck. Eat at The Lounge, Burj Khalifa, which is located on the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors and is the world's tallest lounge.

Burj Al Arab: The Burj Al Arab, or Tower of the Arabs, is a luxurious hotel in Dubai that is the fourth tallest building in the world. Burj Al Arab, located on a man-made island off Jumeirah Beach, is also said to be the world's only 7-star hotel. Visit this hotel to see the epitome of luxury, which includes a fleet of white Rolls Royce cars, a 180m tall atrium, dancing fountains, and touches of gold leaf throughout. You can book an unforgettable dinner experience at Burj Al Arab Dubai or a delectable breakfast experience.

Ferrari World: Visit the world's only Ferrari-themed amusement park, an incredible supercar emporium that also happens to be the world's largest indoor theme park. When viewed from above, the park is shaped like a massive three-pointed star, with a 215-foot version of Ferrari's yellow prancing horse logo on the curved red roof. Live out your fantasy of driving this dream car and feel the rush of being behind the wheel.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: A must included in all Dubai Tour Packages is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Dubai Aquarium is an aquarium that is home to thousands of marine animals whom you can spot in the massive 10 million liter aquarium. Go through different aquatic environments, including rainforests, in the Underwater Zoo and enjoy watching UAE’s nocturnal creatures and visiting touch ponds by booking Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets. Learn more about the creatures and also feed the giant trevally fish on a guided tour. 

Dubai Marina: Take a stroll through the affluent neighborhood known as "New Dubai," which is a conceptualized man-made canal city with a waterfront along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Take advantage of the area's luxurious hotels, shopping, and entertainment options. Strolling along the walkway, taking in the beautiful views of the marine complex with its plazas and arcades and catching some rays. Choose between a speedboat tour of the entire marina and a relaxing dinner cruise at night.

 Top Three Ways To Reach Dubai

Taking the Train

  • If you plan on visiting other Emirates cities, you can take the Emirates Express, which runs between them. Dubai can also be reached via Emirate countries. You can also take the metro from Jebel Ali to Al Rashidiya.

By Air

  • The best way to get to Dubai is by plane. The city has two international airports where flights from various countries, including Emirates Airlines, the official airline of the UAE, land. Dubai International Airport, which is located in the city, is the main airport. Al Maktoum International Airport is located 32 kilometers southwest of Dubai in Jebel Ali. Aside from these two, you can fly to Sharjah International Airport and arrive in Dubai in just 20 minutes, or fly to Abu Dhabi International Airport and arrive in the city in about an hour.

By Road

  • Road bus service to Dubai is available from Masafi, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Private cabs are also available from these locations. While Sharjah is only 20 minutes away from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is about an hour away, and Masafi is 1 hour and 14 minutes away.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March, when temperatures range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, and you can have a wonderful time in the city of spectacular skylines. Make sure to book ahead of time because the price of accommodations rises during this time of year, and booking ahead of time is essential for saving money on travel. Because the weather is pleasant, you can easily tour the city's scenic attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and Jumeirah Mosque.

- The summer season (June to August)

Summer in Dubai lasts from June to August, and the scorching heat makes outdoor activities difficult. With temperature bars reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius, it becomes difficult to move around the city. Before booking a Dubai tour package, visitors should be aware of the arid and hot climate of Dubai during the summer months.

- The winter season (December to February)

Winter is the best time to visit Dubai because the weather is mild and pleasant. With temperature bars ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, it makes strolling around the city an unforgettable experience.

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