What do we stand for and how did we reach to it?

  • What do we stand for and how did we reach to it?
  • Remember the days when we used to fill our slam-books with career aspirations like scientist, Engineering and doctor? Nobody at that time thought there could’ve been a career in Travelling, let alone being a travelpreneur! But as life happens, you understand that a career could be anything where you can be a problem-solver for the society.


  • And that’s how a group of friends found that the travel industry in India needed a fresh burst of young energy! The need of the hour was to convert a dispersed agent based model to a more friendly ,transparent and an accessible community for Indian travellers, and hence Xplore Raahein Travels. Let’s have a closer look at the hustlers who’re on a mission to stir up people’s life with memorable experiences.


  • Xplore Raahein Travels is a 4 year old travel company that focuses on community traveling that enables people to come together, meet new people, and fulfill their travel dream. The good part is that travellers don't need to get into the mess of planning and organizing a trip because the company plans everything for them. One of the areas that company places value on is safety for women travellers.


  • Earlier it was difficult for girls to travel due to safety reasons and solo travelers to travel due to lack of community and high expenses. Through the concept of community travel we've been successful at tackling both, as travelling in a group ensures better safety and prices for travelling also reduce exponentially. With us, they find a comfortable safe community to travel with. We also take people to offbeat places which are not available on big travel platforms and that is a new thing.


  •  Our mission is to help people discover new destinations, experience different cultures, and create unforgettable memories. With years of experience in the travel industry, we have built a reputation for providing personalized and high-quality travel experiences. Whether you're looking for Group Tours, a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventure-filled trip, we have the expertise to create a customized itinerary that suits your needs and interests.


  • Our commitment to responsible tourism also sets us apart. We believe in promoting sustainable and ethical travel practices that benefit both the local communities and the environment. We work with local partners and suppliers who share our values to ensure that our travelers have a positive impact on the places they visit.


  • At our travel company, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences.


Let us help you create your dream vacation today!


  • Community Experience
  • It is believed that you make connection with an average of 150 people in a lifespan. How much do you think these people offer you to make your time worthy? We’re curating a community where the people you meet add value to your life, through experiences, memories and everything in between.


  • That’s why our community comprise of every person who takes a trip with us, is connected with us on social media, and those who meet us in our everyday lives. The goal is to create a happy impact on whosoever you come across.



  • Customer Satisfaction
  • The reason Xplore Raahein Travels was established because the founders, in their initial phase of career, had experienced what it is to live a mundane 9-5 life.
  • To have been in the shoes of your customers gives a firm understanding of what they need, hence Xplore Raahein Travels thrives to provide exactly the same, maybe even more!
  • This is the sole reason why we’ve managed to garner more than 500+ reviews across with a rating of 4.5/5 on all social platforms.



  • Transparency

            How so ironic it may sound, the secret to run a successful business lies in being as             transparent as one can be.The teams within Xplore Raahein Travels, the vendors and                  the clients maintain an unclouded relationship, and that is why this trio is aligned towards              a common goal of nourishing the travel community.



  • Creative Mindset
  • When you’re into a business that dwells on a new adventure everyday, anything regular becomes a setback. So it is justified to say that inventiveness is no less than a drug here at Xplore Raahein Travels.


  • While the marketing team aces the game, our team captains and even sales executives like to add a spin of creativity to their work!



  • We firmly believe there is no cap to the potential of artistic people, and it surely reflects in the functioning of Xplore Raahein Travels.


  • Freedom From Hassles


  • If you take a moment to reflect upon how life actually is, it might just strike you hard that Freedom is a rare privilege.


  • Having been constrained to a rulebook of social and work life, we seem to have missed the concept of freedom.



  • At Xplore Raahein Travels, we strive to make people experience how rawness tastes like. Be it our services, or our work culture, we want people to know that Freedom is the only norm.
  • Our WARRIORS who have helped us build this holistic community


  • Trip Captains

Our trip captains are nothing short of heroes. Brave, dynamic, and great leaders, they’re certainly the showrunners of the community trips. They’ve been handpicked from India’s best travel institutes, and know all tricks of trade to lead and manage all kinds of trips, including biking and trekking expeditions.

  • Local Vendors

Being the bridge between the local vendors and the customers, we’re very selective about the former. After a rigorous recci, we’ve found the most kind and hospitable vendors, who make our travelers feel at home, even when they might be miles away from it. Over the period of time, we’ve managed to make a family-like relationship with our vendors, thus giving back to the local community in every way possible!

  • Transport Drivers

We understand the responsibility of taking utmost care of our travelers when they’re off to experience the toughest terrains of the country. Hence everything depends on the competency of our drivers. All the drivers at Xplore Raahein Travels are local professionals, who’ve been in practice since years, and we assure that they know all nooks and corners of the roads by heart!


Rohan Mulay

Seamless process and great experience. Really satisfied with the services by Xplore Raahein Travels and associates. Water Villa in maldives was one of the lifetime experience. Thanks for this amazing trip XRT Teams must recommended...


Gaurav Singh

Recently I had a tour package for Shimla and Manali that was very nice and well planned . Choice of hotels is very nice hotel royal grand in Manali and Satyam paradise in Shimla. Food and rooms are very good. One most important thing tempo traveler driver is very professional and polite. I enjoyed the group tour. Thanks Xplore Raahein Travels and Teams.


Tamanna Pillai

Xplore Raahein travels is the best choice for going on a trip on Himachal they provide best facilities and very friendly nature. XRT group trips is so awesome. The coordinators, hotels, meal, DJ nights & Bonfire all is the things is superb.


Abhishek pal

When I was decided to go for char Dham trip I was thinking that how can I manage all the things like travelling hotels food and guide but thanks to Xplore Raahein Travel to make all the things easier for me. I booked a group package and the experience was so awesome. Meal, Hotels , Guide all was very superb.


Deepak Mantry

l went to Kasol Kheerganga trek on 26th May. It was a great experience, it was my first solo trip. I met new people and it feels great to bond with them. The accommodation and facilities they have provided was hygiene and great. The captain of the trip Sanjay managed everything beautifully. Very cordial behaviour.Thanks XRT Team.


Abhishek Patil

Recently, I booked my Singapore tour with Xplore Raahein Travels Singapore is one of the best place to Visit. Thanks Xplore Raahein Travels and XRT team for this amazing experience.


Nansi Tiwari

When I was planning to go for a trip in Himachal I was just scrolling on internet and I found the Xplore Raahein Travels which have a very good arrangements and best services in our budget. Thanks Xplore Raahein Travels.


Vinay Sethuram

I recently went on the Xplore Raahein Travels Vietnam 6D/5N and it was amazing! The tour was jam packed with amazing activities and sights, but our tour guide Ms Luan was the best part. She was bubbly, entertaining, genuinely caring, and energetic! We're already looking forward to planning our next holiday with them. Great job, Xplore Raahein Travels Teams.


Vansh Bhaumik

Thailand Excellent support team and great ground team support, it was our first international tour which become smooth with Xplore Raahein Travels team .


Mithlesh Sisodiya

I booked this Badrinath kedarnath tour from Mumbai and it felt so peaceful and very well managed. The temple premises is awesome. The whole process of darshan is seamless. Thanks Xplore Raahein Travels .


Ritika Navle

Xplore Raahien Travels did an extraordinary job managing our Heaven Himachal and Amritsar tour. I would like to give all the credit to Rohit our tour manager. We spent total 9 days and those days were became very memorable for us because of good services and perfect guide. They ensured that we got all facilities which we wanted.


Shweta Sharma

We completed a great tour to Kerala this week and it was fabulously executed. The accommodations was the best and we had with nice four and five star hotels. Thanks Xplore Raahein Travels for this amazing trip.?⭐️




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Nitu Kumari

International Operation Head

Nitu is the International Operation Head . She is a seasoned professional of witnessing and successfully navigating through all challenges of the travel industry through his rich experience. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry, She holds strong connections in international travel operations.

Mohit Rohilla

Operation Head

Mohit is the backbone of XRT who single-handedly leads all the travel operations. Mohit is a strong analyst of travel operations, and thus heads the responsibility of running the entire show. With his sharp observation and excellent problem solving skills, he tests the locations and vendors before anyone experiences them. It is commendable that he has such in depth industry knowledge at such a young age.

Sunil Singh


Sunil a young travelpreneur whose unique vision of the travel sector led him to build what XRT is today. For years he travelled solo to test the waters to establish a new travel company and since then his travel expeditions have never come to a halt. He has travelled with over 1,000+ people and knows the smallest of on-ground necessities and knows what makes a travelling experience memorable. He can hold a conversation around business, human values and almost everything one can think of. The man knows how to get down to work and party, equally well.

Mitu Kumari

Senior Sales Executive

Mitu Kumari is our Senior sales executive who nails the game of communication. She believes it is important to speak, but more important to listen. That’s why she has curated more than 500 personalised itineraries. Talking to her is like talking to a friend who’s always up for a travel plan.

Vedika Tiwari

Senior Sales Executive

Introducing Vedika Tiwari, the dynamic powerhouse driving our sales team. With her infectious energy and boundless creativity, she injects vitality into every interaction. Guided by the company's vision, she understands that providing impeccable guidance to clients is the key to aligning successful sales effortlessly.

Komal Bisht

Sales Executive

Komal is our sales executive. Her confidence and speaking skills always convenience to the clients. She is champ In Travel industry.


Sales Executive

Nisha is the sales executive in XRT. She is a quick learner and have a talent to handle 4-5 destination in one time.


Digital Marketer

Vishnu is a young leader of Growth Marketing at XRT. Vishnu innovative thinking and analytical mindset are instrumental in identifying new market segments and untapped opportunities. He handles all the digital marketing task, ads setup and create the strategies by which we get more profitable deal. His main focus is to increase the sales conversion percentage.


Graphic Designer & Content writer

Introducing Ayan, our exceptional Content Head and graphic designer with a passion for words and a knack for captivating storytelling. With his extensive experience in the realm of content creation and management, Ayan is an invaluable asset to our team. With Ayan at the helm of our content strategy, we are confident in our ability to deliver engaging, informative, and persuasive content that drives meaningful connections with our audience.


Head of Ground Operation

Vinit is a team captain by day and a guitarist by night. He has traveled with over 10,000 people, leading 350 groups and has completed 30+ treks in the last 3 years. He understands the smallest of requirements of his fellow travelers and manages the same. Blessed with a soulful voice, we think Vinit must be God’s own Child!


Head of Ground Operation

Introducing Parkash, our adorable ground operations head, who effortlessly spreads joy and happiness wherever he goes. From coordinating intricate logistics to ensuring flawless execution, his deep knowledge and expertise shine through in every aspect of her work, delivering exceptional travel experiences.


Sales Executive

Sumit is the best sales executive in our XRT Team. His travel experience , convenience skills always attract to the clients.

Monu Choudhary

Sales Executive

Monu Chaudhary is a remarkable individual whose presence illuminates every room. With a rare blend of intelligence, kindness, and resilience, Monu has left an indelible mark on the lives of those fortunate enough to know him. His unwavering determination and positive outlook serve as a beacon of inspiration, guiding others towards their own paths of success. Whether it's through his acts of genuine kindness or his boundless creativity, Monu has a knack for making a difference in the world around him. His humility and authenticity only add to his magnetic charm, earning him the respect and admiration of all who cross his path. In essence, Monu Chaudhary is not just a person; he's a force of goodness and greatness in the world.


Sales Executive

Manas is a good sales employee excels in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, fostering trust and loyalty. He consistently meet and often exceed sales targets, demonstrating a strong commitment to driving revenue for the company.


Sales Executive

Shilpi is the sales executive in XRT team. Your efforts and contributions to the company's success are greatly appreciated. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is making a significant impact on our company's success.


Sales Executive

Mayank is the sales executive in our company. He set clear goals for themselves and work diligently to achieve and exceed their targets. He has a deep understanding of the travel industry or services.


Sales Executive

Ram is a dedicated and passionate salesperson who thrives in his role. He possesses excellent communication skills, allowing him to connect with clients on a personal level and understand their unique needs and preferences.


Sales Executive

Shantanu is a sales executive profile in XRT. He is a marathi person. He is highly adaptable and can quickly adjust to changing market trends and customer demands, making him a valuable asset to the sales team. His persistence and resilience in the face of challenges and rejection enable him to overcome objections and consistently achieve his sales targets.

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